‘Arlo & Julie’ Entertaining Enigma by Pamela Powell



“Arlo & Julie” is an entertaining look at a typical couple, caught up in the mystery and intrigue of putting together a jigsaw puzzle.  Each day, the young pair receives a few pieces of a puzzle in the mail.  When the number of pieces in each envelope doubles every day, the two find themselves obsessed with not only solving the puzzle but determining the meaning behind it.  As they begin to piece it all together, their work and social lives begin to unravel.  Will solving this puzzle be the end of them or will there be a pot of gold for them?

Arlo and Juliearlo are hardworking young adults with money issues.  Their jobs get them by, but that’s about it.  As Arlo learns of a valuable painting of Julie’s hanging on their wall, his curiosity gets the better of him.  Adding the pieces of the puzzle to mix as well as several interesting characters, the film takes on a life of its own.  Their snoopy mailman, with his need to know what’s in the envelopes and the dysfunctional couple who have answers for everyone but themselves, take up precious puzzle-solving time.  The clever conversation, quick-paced with off-beat comments interspersed, keeps you on your toes.  Throw in some historical stories about Grant and the film has everything you could want.  If only there actually was a college course called “Whiskey & War!”

“Arlo & Julie” is a truly creative film with its quick banter, striking camera angles, intriguing use of larlo3ighting, and old-time music accentuating each dramatic scene.  With a feel of the 1920’s, each day is depicted with a black screen and simple writing of “Day 1.”   As the old victrola plays songs from by-gone eras, this film captures and successfully blends the old with the new for a beautiful result.  The attention to detail is extraordinary as this film had me believing there was an artist by the name of Comstock.  

Alex Dobrenko and Ashley Spillers carry this film with the deft skill of seasoned actors.  The subtleties in their expressions and body language make their characters completely believable.  Mallory Culbert and Chris Doubek have stellar performances bringing their own quirky characters to life.  The remainder of the cast augmented the overall feel of eccentricity with an outstanding sense of comedic timing.

arlo2“Arlo & Julie” is an unusually funny film that will entertain you on every level.  With its ingenious writing and outstanding acting execution, “Arlo & Julie” can’t miss.  Don’t be the missing piece of the puzzle…be sure to see “Arlo & Julie!”


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